Background and (start of a) roadmap

Here are some things I (Katja) have been thinking about a lot in the past months. I would like to put them out there for those interested.

This is about

  • Purpose
  • Formats and Activities
  • Structure and Management
  • Finances

1. Purpose

(Ideals and Theory)

Let me start with three initiatives that I admire, and I see as role models.

Especially the last one is something I'd aspire to.

A key point for me is removing barriers to access for everybody with a desire to learn to code.

2. How - Event formats and experiments

(Reality and Practice)

Codehub has been through many changes over the 5 years of its existence. It went from focusing on workshops to some regular events. We started a Slack group and a mentorship programme.

This is how I see the current situation:

  • There's some established formats that work well, but could do with some tweaking in places.
  • For teaching and learning, there is much more potential.

But there are limits to what we can do - there are time and costs constraints. Better to create a space where learning can happen, rather than enforce it. Invite people to experiment with formats that have clear time limits. Build up a repository of resources.

Concrete plans:

  • For hack nights and webdev101, have designated mentors for newcomers
  • Create guidelines for setting up study groups, and other formats

3. Structure and Management

As Codehub has grown, it would be good to have more people manage it. Mark and I have also been thinking of turning it into a social enterprise. A first step will be an 'unincorporated association'. I have started to write a constitution for that.

4. Finances

We will need to think about how we can finance ourselves (sponsorship, members?). And decide what to spend money on (besides venues and food, one thing might be books. Or online teaching resources)