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About CodeHub and this Wiki

CodeHub is a place to to code, share, and learn from one another, and make connections within the web industry. It is aimed at everybody who is interested in learning and sharing their knowledge, beginners and experienced developers alike. We especially want to encourage people new to the industry, and from diverse backgrounds.

CodeHub is also a chapter of OpenTechSchool.

This Wiki is for all members to keep information about projects, resources and ideas in one place.

Interested in contributing?

If you'd like me to add anything to a page, you can contact me (Katja, @katjad on Slack).

But it's also possible to contribute directly yourself (this is a Wiki after all). You should be able to create an account with your email - click on the icon top right and register. This Wiki uses and you can find the documentation to how it works there,

Still, here is some pointers:
Dokuwiki has its own syntax for editing, but thanks to a plugin you can use markdown too, This has been working quite well for me so far, I have a favourite thing I use from the dokuwiki which is the double back slash \\
to create a new line. For everything else, I use markdown. Best of both worlds.