Events and Activities

We have two main events running. Hack Nights are taking place every other Tuesday at Framework in King Street. And on the alternating weeks we are part of Workshop Wednesdays at Desklodge House, which is organised by Women's Tech Hub.

You can sign up to the events on Meetup.

For contacting the organisers, use Meetup or Slack (slack handles in brackets).

Hack Nights

What? A chance for developers in Bristol to get together in an informal social setting to work on projects, learn, and share with other developers.
Where? Framework Co-working Space
When? Every two weeks, usually on a Tuesday
Contact: Thom Wright (@thomwright)
Hack Night wiki pages

Study Groups

WebDev 101

What? A self-directed study group for everyone interested in improving their knowledge of web development.
Where? Desklodge House, Redcliffe Way
When? Every other Wednesday night, 6pm - 9pm, part of Workshop Wednesdays
Contact: Steve Brett (@Steve Brett)
WebDev101 Wiki pages

Python Workshops

What? This workshop is for those interested to learn Python and is aimed at both beginners and those with a little Python experience. The topics and examples are chosen such that you can directly use Python for a Data Science project afterward.
Where? Desklodge House
When? Every other Wednesday night, 6pm - 9pm, part of Workshop Wednesdays
Contact: Kathryn Armitstead (@Kathryn)

Collaborative Projects

Mentoring App

What? This is going to be an online platform that will help matching up mentors with mentees. (see Mentoring programme below)
The tech stack is Laravel and React, Inertia.js (for connecting the two and providing routing), and TailwindCSS for the UI.
For more information, please see initial discussions, and how to contribute. Please also check out the #mentoring-app channel on Slack.
Where and when? People working on the app mostly meet at the Hack Nights every other Tuesday. But you can always contribute to it remotely of course.
Contact: John Wyles @John Wyles

Library App

What? We are also working on an app to serve as a distributed library (this will also include books stored in the Framework library on the top floor).
There is so far a prototype app built in Django (repo here and this is what we will use to test how such a library could work. At a later point, we might switch to a JS-based frontend.
Where and when? We will be working on this on Hack Nights, too, and some Workshop Wednesdays.
Contact: Katja Durrani @katjad

Python Code Dojo

What? Train your Python skills by working on challenges in small groups. Inspired by the London Python Dojo.
When? Every 4 weeks at Workshop Wednesdays, 6-9pm, advertised on Meetup
Contact: David Foster @David Foster
Python Dojo wiki pages

Intro To.. Talks

What? Started at the beginning of 2020, these are talks of roughly 45 min length with practical examples, where you can learn about topics like Angular, SQL, Docker or Git
Where and when? Workshop Wednesdays (when there isn't a Python Dojo taking place)
Contact: James Rennison (@James R) and Ben Shepherd (@Ben Shepherd).

Mentoring programme

What? We organise mentoring programmes where we pair up mentors and mentees, who are free to structure their own learning projects and timetable.
Where and when? If you are interested to take part in the next one, join the #mentoring channel on Slack.
Contact: Katja Durrani (@katjad)
Mentoring wiki pages