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Hacking CodeHub

CodeHub is a group that is pretty self-organising and has always benefited from members bringing in new ideas and starting new groups or events. That's why we decided to have an event where members have the opportunity to make suggestions and, if they want, help realising them.

The first of these took place on 10 December 2019. This section is about the things we came up with, and the projects and activities resulting from it.

Ideas and Suggestions

We started off with the question “What would make CodeHub fantastic for you, really worth your time?”
Here is a list of the replies and suggestions on how to realise the ideas:

Some strong themes were the ability to learn about new areas from other people and also, helping newcomers in development. There were ideas for bringing specific topics to developers, for example hardware and electronics, and organising events like problem-solving evenings. Others were about collaborating on projects, and building a library. Hack Night was appreciated for what it is, and there was the wish to make CodeHub sustainable.

A next step was indicating who was interested in taking on specific topics, which you could indicate with different-coloured post-its.

We did not get into groups anymore to discuss next steps, but have been carrying on the conversation on Slack and at Hack Night. We might use the GitHub Repo for further communication, and update our activities page once plans for new activities are finalised.