Members Pages

Members' Projects by @mulholio
Free weekly newsletter that gives you CSS and HTML exercises - learn CSS by copying inspiring designs by @smallhadroncollider
Command-line Kanban board/task manager with support for Trello boards and GitHub projects
Introduction To Pytest (Video Series)
Any feedback appreciated or suggestions on subject matter to cover, get in touch with @cameronmaske by @sfkleach
Ginger is an attempt to build an elegant but friendly and practical programming system.

Mr Time - Tiny fluent time conversions package for better code readability
Chippie - React + JS based CHIP-8 emulator
Break Bad - Toy app written quickly in node, can help understand how Node rendering works by @helen
Helen Lloyd's website showcasing her illustrations (including a widely copied crow!) by HatchApps
Hipster dictionary - You can add to it here

JS101 study group

This from before the time JS101 turned into WebDev101.
JS101 website, with some more projects here
JS101 practice app with React/Redux. Code here

Past hack nights + previous members by @thomwright
An interactive electronic circuit simulator built with React by @danielthepope
A data-friendly UK train times site
Jeff started the Codehub hack nights, but went back to the US a while ago. The Phaser tutorial was made for a Codehub workshop.

Other older things by @tombh (@twombh on Twitter) and @katjad
Recreating LOGO Turtle movements in Minecraft Raspi edition (for Katja's then Code Club at a primary school)