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 # Mentoring # Mentoring
-In July 2018 we started a mentoring programme. ​+We have so far started ​two rounds of a mentoring programme. One was completed at the end of 2018, and the other one started in March 2019 and will run until mid July.  For more information read about the [first run](mentoring:​july2018) from July to November 2018.
-We asked people who were either interested in being mentored, or being a mentor (or both) to fill in some information about skills ​and goals respectivelyand matched ​mentors ​with mentees. ​+Outside the mentoring programme we are not directly matching up mentors ​and menteesbut would still encourage potential ​mentors ​and mentees ​to find each other via posts on the #mentoring channel on our [Slack group](http://​
-The mentorship is usually one-on-onebut we have some cases where one mentor has more than one mentee. +When you start a mentoring relationshipplease ​have a look at these guidelines:  
- +​document/d/​1FObFIDcDcwbUTulwO0TXneWsd6Puo3n9BUPyOgvWsfI/​edit?​usp=sharing
-We had kickoff meeting in July where we discussed the format and this is what we settled on:  +
- +
-## Timeframe and format +
-  * The mentorship ran from end of July for roughly 3.5 months, through to mid November +
-  * The first step for mentor and mentee was to arrange a meeting, face to face or by remote chat. At this meeting they should clarify what goals the mentee has, and draw up a strategy to move towards them; also, agree at what intervals to meet and where. +
- +
-## Ideas for additional support / projects +
-As some mentees will have similar goals, there were some ideas for projects outside the one-on-one mentorship. However, we will start these only once the mentorship has been running for a while. These ideas include +
-  * Code Review via Git +
-  * Starting a project that people can collaborate on (best not just a “toy” project) +
-  * Pick an Open Source project to work on +
-  * Organise an evening where people can present something they have learned or worked on +
- +
-## Thoughts on the mentoring process +
-There were some interesting comments from people who had experience with mentoringMentors should be careful to let the mentee take the lead, not just go by their own expectations and opinions of what’s important to learn. For mentees on the other hand it is important to not give up when they don’t progress as quickly as they were expecting to. Again, there was probably more. +
- +
-## Mentoring channel on Slack +
-We had started a #mentors channel on Slack, this is now for the mentorship programme in general. If you are not on Slack yet, and would like to join us, sign up here: +
- +
-## Contact +
-The mentoring programme is run by Mark and Katja, @smallhadroncollider and @katjad on Slack. ​+
 +Last but not least, mentoring can and often does happen spontaneously at one of our events, especially at hack nights or webdev101. ​ From May, we are planning to organise this a bit to make sure there are always some people there that can be asked for help.