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We have so far started two rounds of a mentoring programme. One was completed at the end of 2018, and the other one in July 2019. We are about to start another one in January which will run till end of April. For more information read about the first run from July to November 2018. We did not get enough feedback to do a similar writeup for the second round, but from informal feedback it looks very much like it mirrored the experience of the first round. One additional outcome is that we will be more strict about knowing participants in person (i.e. they should have come to some of our events), because of some slightly frustrating experiences for mentors where this had not been the case.

Outside the mentoring programme we are not directly matching up mentors and mentees, but would still encourage potential mentors and mentees to find each other via posts on the #mentoring channel on our Slack group.

When you start a mentoring relationship, please have a look at these guidelines:

Last but not least, mentoring can and often does happen spontaneously at one of our events, especially at hack nights or webdev101. We tried to organise this a bit more to ensure there'd always be people there who could help. It did not get over the stage of having some T-Shirts printed. We did not get a rota together. But somebody in a T-Shirt can usually help in some way when you ask them for advice!