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Lauras email responses:

Qs to Rainbow Care Farm and answers around Feb 19 (over email I believe via Serrie).

Domain status- what does the business want as a business domain name?
- Preferably something like Rainbow RDA or Rainbow Riding for the Disabled. However we welcome recommendations!

There are 2 business branches, the school and the disabled school ? 2 different pages? ie 1 domain 2 pages?
- The website is back online

What's the charity number? we need to review what's already out on the web
- Charity No.1174846

There is a proposal for using CPanel - when can this be finalised?
- We can have a sandbox and not yet push the page live.

Who is the 'decider' at Rainbow as to what goes ahead - we have Laura as a contact, but who does she report to for this purpose. Trustee? Someone else?
- Decisions are made by the Rainbow RDA Committee, which currently consists of 6 members (Rexy,(chair), Roybyn(Fundraising), Barbra, Heather).Four of are trustees(me,Rexy,Robyn,Caroline). Projects may have elements which require committeee or trusty approval. Approval can be made quite quickly as we are in touch f-f, email and messenger.

There is lots of scope, but we need buy-in as we go along. Should we be thinking of starting small but with proposed enhancements so they can choose priorities
- Starting small is a good idea. The main thing is to keep it as simple for us to update as posssible!! It will be mainly myself updating (Robyn, Rexy) if im not available).
- We tend to use facebook for updates, but would love to be able to this on a website too.Ideally we would like the following sort of feature on our website - but would love your suggestions too!
-- Intro Page (we would like to provide the text)
-- Our policies eg safeguarding, health and safety, insurances
-- List our sponsors, etc (eg list businesses that support us, their logo and link to their website)
-- Make enquiries if possible - we do have a fosrm that needs to be completed for the new riders, but this could be something we need to add a later stage as big data collected from the form.
-- Pricing and lessson dates/times (subject to change)
-- Event/Calendar(linked to facebook?)