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Hello Project Rainbow team!
Here are notes produced following our first fortnightly co-working session and are updated as project document.
Ask any questions when you next see us.
Thanks for reading!

Project Rainbow

Creating a website for Rainbow Riding for the Disabled @ Rainbow Care Farm Possible increase in turnover through the site and social media.

Project Overview

We’ve been asked if we can create a new website for Rainbow Riding for the Disabled, (‘RRD’ for our notes) based at Rainbow Care Farm (‘RCF’). They offer riding lessons for children and adults with learning and physical difficulties at their farm based in Huish Champflower, Somerset. Rainbow Riding for the Disabled, based at Rainbow Care Farm / Charity No.1174846 offers riding lessons for children and adults with learning difficulties. The charity started in July 2017. From April 2018 they have been be able to include physically disabled children and adults. Their aim is to make physical exercise and learning fun with the help of our lovely team of volunteers, horses and ponies on our Farm in Huish Champflower, Somerset. All proceeds from fundraising and donations go directly to the Rainbow RDA charity.
Sponsors/businesses will be listed on our Website and Facebook page, and will be updated on how their donations have helped our charity. Some of the items donations have helped us to buy in the past include equipment for our riders, e.g. specialised stirrups, riding hats, coloured reins. Donations have also helped towards storage boxes, shoes, headcollars and bedding for our RDA horses. We were also able to buy a new mounting block in 2017. Funds we raise in 2018 will help towards sheepskin saddles, a pathway and lighting to the arena, non-slip decking, arena equipment, specialist tack and riding equipment for the arena and endurance rides, and much more.
They have applied for a Children in Need grant for a new weight carrying horse (our horses can currently carry up to 12 stone) and the cost of it's upkeep for the next 3 years. They 'passed' the application and interview stages, and will hear by the end of November if they are successful. They also host regular fundraising events, which includes our annual open day, quiz nights and raffles.

N.b. Rainbow Care Farm is separate to Rainbow Riding School, the school has sprung out of it. The farm may be a community project caring for animals.

Project Progress


Our primary contact at RRD is Laura, a volunteer with them who is the most tech-mindedwith a background in QA All over stakeholders are currently unknown: Consider Riders, Carers/parents, Carefarm owners, Sponsors, Funding bodies & Volunteers.

Finding out about our SHs means we can create good UX (user experience) on the site as people will get what they want. This also helps the business. UX a continual consideration.


Their site was pretty bad (in fact the domain looks to have been purchased by someone else since our first project meeting and so isn’t up). It was confusing as to what was the farm and what was the school, with two ‘about me’ tabs. They had been discouraging people from using it and just using FB for communication. The Domain’s just been bought (August 2018)- assumption that its Vistaprint ownership. Only taken rainbowcarefarm .com and .org etc are all still available Site hosting E.g. WiserHosting, used for WTH site, cPanel - Romaine suggested another

From Laura for inspiration: Example of another group's website, although they are no longer RDA accredited (rainbow care farm is) nb) RDA = Riding for the Disabled Association


RCF has a Facebook (FB) page and tend to get messages/exchange booking forms with people through FB messaging and emails


They have a Twitter (Tw) channel but don’t really use it @rainbowcarefarm


  • Website
  • Data
  • Social Media
  • Payment interface
  • It needs to be maintainable by the charity.
  • Laura has stated: ‘Sponsors/businesses will be listed on our website and Facebook page, and will be updated on how their donations have helped our charity’ e.g. what the money has bought Link to Laura's email response
  • They’d like to target some older horseriders.
  • Info for potential volunteers
  • Blog
  • ‘Donate’ button
  • Downloadable riding booking form
  • Online booking/paying

Requirement Elicitation

Getting traffic to the site

Social media: Can they use Buffer to streamline posting in future? Currently FB and TW. Should they have InstaGram? Who are they trying to reach (Demographic), guerilla marketing - other methods? Bristol Open Data site useful to see how we can reach certain demographics. Going to mixed Meetups to chat about project. Who is competition? Who may supporters be?


GDPR We have scope to give the charity a hand making their current records of people who’ve booked with them more secure. Records need to be digital where possible. To consider GDPR and displaying of photos/videos online. ‘Right to be forgotten’. FB has it’s own GDPR ‘protections/processes’. Code of Conduct | Privacy Policy | Terms of Services pages to cover? People will usually enquire about their first booking through facebook/messenger and then we follow this up with emails and telephone. Customers have to complete an application form which we send by email. Cyber security WTH will be getting training on this, we can use expertise Incl. how they will collect data, do accounts

Copywriting & SEO

To consider keywords, SEO (Yoast site good for this) Studying back-end analytics Branding? How to use charity names and acronyms?

Site dev

We decided on using a WordPress (WP) site as opposed to Droople, Divi, Wix etc. Can choose best theme. We can use the WordPress dev tool to experiment with building the site, ‘fiddling’ with the database

Front-end dev CSS skill development

Customer Relation Management (CRM) software Charities can get some for free? Salesforce for example is free and with online free training but has a high maintenance overhead, possibly too large for size of Customer base.

Project Management

Communication Via Slack channel: visit slack/ to get an invite to the Slack channel. #wthprojects
Codehub bi-weekly meetings
GitHub for configuration management & Document storage
Diagramming for Data flow diagras, mindmaps etc on lucidchart as free and shareable