All UX related topics discussed

UX process that this page will follow

1. Define business problem, speak with stakeholders

2.Gather user research

2.1 personas

2.2 storyboard problem - not used

2.1 personas

All user personas

2.1.1 Parent of the child

2.1.2 Rider

2.1.3 Volunteers

3. Define user needs


3.1 analytics

3.2 cards

3.3 interviews

3.2 observation

3.3 interviews

Facebook, Questionnaire, Skype, Facebook Questions to be asked

3.2 observation

Collective shared previous project experiences working with alterative ability groups

Key UX considerations for the website

4.Create project map

Steps taken by user on the website to achieve the purpose

5. Wireframe

Documenting and laying out product requirements

6. Prototype

7. Test

8. Make

9. Product requirement Documentation

Document with ongoing updates and tweaks